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Every year, in honor of Breast Cancer awareness month, New York City hosts a bunch of walks throughout the boroughs. Today, my friends and I decided to go. So we all went through our closets and found our pink gear, and headed to Orchard Beach, where the walk was held. My friends and I try to go every year. When we go, we definitely enjoy ourselves and it’s a good feeling to know that we’re walking for an important cause.

When we arrived to the beach, the first thing we noticed was a large amount of people wearing pink! As we kept on walking towards the crowd, we heard loud music coming from a stage. And by the stage was a whole bunch of people warming up by doing different exercises before the walk started.


Being there felt great because it is such a positive movement. Every year people from all over get together for this walk. Amongst the crowd were schools, cheerleaders, big companies we all know of like Sleepy’s, and also breast cancer survivors. We all came together with one goal, to walk and make strides against breast cancer.

After a couple minutes of waiting, we started to walk. As we walked I could hear people chanting, lots of laughter, and music. It was a long walk but being their with my friends and amongst all of those people made it very entertaining.

IMG_2482IMG_2476 IMG_2462

Along the trail, they had little posters up with words of encouragement!

IMG_2477IMG_2479IMG_2487 IMG_2491

Eventually we made it back to the finish line, and there to welcome us were music, refreshments and snacks! Every year, all over the country, walks like this one are being held. It actually gives you a good feeling when you accomplish something positive. Especially when you’re doing it with people you care about. Get out there and support a cause! There are so many women all over the world who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. People in general are being diagnosed with cancer. It is really important that we get out there and support these people so they won’t have to go through it alone. Even making donations towards research can help a great deal! It is also important that we take care of our bodies, and that we get checked out every year! Let us lead healthier lives, and lend a shoulder for our neighbors to lean on. NEXT YEAR, WILL YOU GATHER YOUR FRIENDS AND WALK FOR A CAUSE? I HOPE SO! HAVE YOU WALKED FOR A CAUSE? IF SO LET ME KNOW ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE IN THE COMMENTS ! LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT, AND FOLLOW!

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