Beyond the Streets of New York City….

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Have you ever sat back and wondered what it’s like to live in a world other than what you’re used to?  I do all the time. I’m from New York. I’ve lived here pretty much all my life. I love everything about it here. Everything is fast paced. People are about their business. New York also has a lot of personality. It’s one big melting pot. People come here from all over the world and every person here is unique. As much as I love it, sometimes I get tired of being here. 

I feel like there’s a whole world out there that I’m missing. I’ve traveled to three places outside of the U.S. Honduras, Nigeria and Dominican Republic. I’ve also been to other states like Virginia, Florida, and Pennsylvania but I know there’s so much more to see. I’ve always said that if I could make big bucks just to travel the world, I would do it in a heart beat. I already have a list of places I want to visit. To name a few:

  •  The Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
  • South Africa
  • Morocco 
  • Greece 
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • England
  • The Virgin Islands
  • Egypt
  • Dubai 

And the list goes on! 

I want to travel and learn about other cultures, and taste all the different types of food! I feel like I would have an even greater appreciation for life and how beautiful it is. How beautiful this planet is. Guys, New York is such a tease. Walking down the streets of New York, you can find people of all backgrounds, but there’s nothing more real than being educated about these backgrounds up close and personal. At my college, I sit in classrooms with students who literally come from all over the world and I find it so amazing. Maybe these people felt the same way I do. Maybe they hungered to see something different than where they are from and decided to come to New York. I’m still very young, so maybe traveling this world is in my future & maybe I’ll be doing it for a living. Who knows. I’ll find a way to get Beyond the Streets of New York City … 




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