That’s So Who?

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Where do I even begin!? Olivia Kendall. Galleria Garibaldi. Raven Baxter! These characters and so many more were all played by the one and only Raven Symone. She’s a woman that so many of us looked up to as little girls. Although it was a bit before my time, one of my favorite shows that she starred in was the Cosby Show. We all new her as cute little Olivia, Denise’s step daughter. My generation grew up watching her on the Cheetah Girls and That’s So Raven. We all loved her & all the girls wanted to be her! But what happened? Why is it that all of a sudden everyone seems to be turning on her? A lot of people, myself included, are not finding her likable anymore. It seems that the things that have been coming out of Raven’s mouth lately have really been turning heads & not for anything positive.

This all began last year when Raven Symone made an appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s Where are They Now. During her interview, she was expressing how much she doesn’t like labels and she went on to say, “I’m tired of being labeled. I’m not an African-American, I’m an American.” I think the world stopped when she said this. She even caught Oprah off guard! She also went on to say that she doesn’t know how far back her roots go or what country in Africa she’s from but she knows her roots are in Louisiana and therefore she’s American. Now, her whole point in stating this was that she didn’t want to be labeled. Well baby girl, you’re still putting a label on yourself by calling yourself an AMERICAN! Whether you like it or not, you will ALWAYS be African American, there’s no avoiding that. She was on the Cosby Show for god’s sake! Raven, help me understand this. SMH.

Now, that was only one example! I don’t know if many of you remember, but, back in May Univision host, Rodner Figueroa was fired after saying that First Lady Michelle Obama looked like an ape. ( let me pause …  okay.) Raven Symone then just had to put her two sense in and stated on The View that well, “Some people look like animals.” For one I feel like she was adding fuel to the fire. What the man said about our First Lady was already bad enough. To keep it 100% real with you guys, it was racist. So why did she feel the need to entertain it with such comments? Most of us are taught that if we don’t have anything nice to say we shouldn’t say it at all. Might I add that this is the FLOTUS we’re talking about. Who are you to disrespect her? Raven you’re turning me OFF.

Recently, on The View, Raven Symone stirred up so much controversy by saying that she wouldn’t hire a person with a ghetto name like Watermelondrea. (oooooooh myyy gosh. Raven you’re killing me) African Americans are discriminated against EVERYDAY. How can you sit on live television in front of so many people and say that you would refuse someone a job because of their name? You have got to be kidding me! Watermelondrea can have the cure to Cancer but you wouldn’t know that because you would rather deprive Watermelondrea of this job and give it to Sarah. I wonder if it has ever occured to Raven that “Raven-Symone” is NOT a European name. So according to her standards she wouldn’t hire someone with her own name! She probably wouldn’t have hired Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey, Keisha Knight Pulliam, or even Phylicia Rashad. SO! Raven then goes on to laugh as if what came out of her mouth was funny. I mean, I didn’t get the joke and neither did America. She then had the nerve to ask the dumbest question of all … “is that mean?” No honey, that was the sweetest most normal thing you could have ever said, GOOD JOB. I don’t know if you guys have ever heard of the Youtube star, Tre Melvin. If you haven’t you should definitely check him out, he’s hilarious! If you’re familiar with him then you know about his alter ego, Watermelondrea!


Watermelondrea cleverly shot back at Raven Symone in this video. I would love to know what goes through Raven’s mind when she makes these statements. It really upsets me, and I know its upsetting to so many other people. Raven did apologize but its like, you talk so much crap, you say sorry today but tomorrow you’re going to say something else that’s discriminating to your own people.  And that she did. It defintely did not end here.

We all know about the Spring Valley High School assault. (if you dont know about it click the link, watch the video and come back) Raven of course made some commentary & this was the last straw for so many viewers. We clearly see this police officer putting his hands on the young lady yet, Raven chose to side with the police officer by saying, “The girl was told multiple times to get off the phone.There’s no right or reason for him to be doing this type of harm, that’s ridiculous. But at the same time, you gotta follow the rules in school. First of all, why are there cellphones in school?”  Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but how can you side with some who can do such a thing. Now the whole story behind the situation, is that the girl was repeatedly asked to get off of her phone. We’ve all been in high school and we all know that there’s always a student who doesn’t listen or that makes things a bit difficult but I feel like that doesn’t give the cop any right to put his hands on the young girl. After watching Wendy Williams, I found out that this young lady is a foster child, so who know’s why she was on her phone and who knows what she may be going through. Overall the situation could have been handled in a better way, I see law suit written all over this case.

I used to love Raven, she is now one of my least favorite people. State your opinion but watch how you say it. Keep in mind that so many people are watching you, including little girls that look up to you. If you’re a discriminator, just know that in this day an age it would be safe and respectful of you to keep such comments to yourself. Raven has also allegedly stated on her twitter that she is not African-American but DARK WHITE. She only continues to make herself look more and more stupid. I feel like the problem definitely lies within herself. How can you repeatedly discriminate your own kind and feel like it okay. I think she doesn’t love herself. If she did, she wouldn’t say the things she says. She has this immense following and she has the platforms. She should be using them to reach out to people in a positive light! Lifting people up, building up self esteems, and teaching people what it means to LOVE YOURSELF. I guess it’s impossible for a person to do that if they don’t love themself first. Raven, baby girl. What you need to do is go on a long vacation, do some soul searching, learn about your roots since you have no clue about it, come in touch with yourself, and learn how to really love yourself.

If you haven’t heard there is a petition going around to have Raven Symone fired from The Vew. How do you guys feel about this. How do you feel about Raven’s statements? (haha, that rhymed) Let me know your feelings and opinions down below!


2 thoughts on “That’s So Who?

  1. I Nice Trip To Africa Will Do It For Her. It Really Hurts To See Her Acting Like This. I Actually Had A Crush On Her In Middle/High School. But There’s Have To Be A Back Story Behind Her Feeling So Strongly About Her Own People? What Things/People Were She Exposed To?

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