What’s on My Iphone 6?!

Hey guys! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted, so I thought it would be fun if I did a ‘Whats on My Iphone’ post. I know a lot  of people enjoy these. My phone is kind of boring but maybe you’ll learn about some new apps, or maybe you can even give me some suggestions on new apps to download! Enjoy!

So, to start off, when I turn on my phone this is what I see. I love this art piece I found online. This art piece was done by a famous artist named Ariel. She is well known for painting girls showing off their beautiful natural hair.

When I unlock my phone, it leads me to the first page. I keep my first page blank because I like to have a good look at my wallpaper.

On the Dock- on my dock, I keep messages, Safari, and two folders labeled Be Social and Music.

In my social folder I keep all the basic social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Some you may not be too familiar with are:

WhatsApp– I like using ‘WhatsApp’ for group messaging and texting family and friends outside of the country for free.

YouNow– This is a live broadcasting site. I always go on YouNow when my favorite Youtubers decide to live broadcast.

17– this is an app that is very similar to Instagram. The only difference is that you can gain royalties when people like your live broadcasts and the pictures you post. I don’t use this as much, Instagram has my heart lol.

All Women’s Talk– this is an app geared towards women. It contains different articles on relationships, apps, hair, makeup, fashion, lifestyle and so much more!


These are the apps I keep in my music folder.

Soundcloud– this is great for creating your own playlists, and discovering new music, and new artists!

Pandora– is great for creating your own radio stations by genre or artit.

My Mixtapez– I don’t go on this app that often but if there’s a new mixtape its almost guaranteed to be on this app. Why waste your money?


On the second page of my Iphone I have more folders. Clearly I’m a neat freak when it comes to my phone. I just like everything categorized so I know where to find my apps.


S n a p! This is where I keep my editing apps! Truthfully, the only app in this folder that I really use is, Squaready. Squaready gives u the white boarders on your pictures so that it is Instagram ready! If you guys want, I can post a How to on how I edit my pictures for IG and my blog.


This has to be the least touched folder!

Polyvore– I love this app! Polyvore allows you to put together outfits, home decor, honestly anything you would like. You’re the designer. And, if you see anything you like, you can purchase directly from the app.


Excuse the title of this folder lol, but, this is where all the unimportant apps that came with the phone, that I cannot delete, reside. Need I say more?


Last but not least, my blogging folder.

WordPress– its essential that I have this app on my phone. When I am out & about I can start a blog post save it and open it back up later on, on my laptop. This is really great, especially for those days when I am out and happen to get inspired by what’s around me.

WordPress #2– This is just an app I made for my Blog site, so I can keep up with it. Its a direct link to my site.

Pages- This app is what I use to manage the like page for my website. This is where I people on Facebook can stay updated with my postings.

Bloglovin’– Bloglovin’ is very useful. Bloggers can get on this app and claim their blogs, which is useful for readers. People wjho love to read blogs can get on bloglovin’ and read their favorite blogs of the blogger has claimed it on this app.

Feedly– This app is very similar to Bloglovin’ except the blog does not have to be claimed. It’s sort of like a search engine for blogs. You simply type in the URL for your favorite blogs and you can just read them there.

So, this is everything that is on my Iphone 6! I hope you guys enjoyed and learned of some new apps. If there are any apps I should know about or should try out, please let me know in the comments below!! ❤
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