Natural Hair Update


It’s been about 2 months since my big chop. My hair has definitely grown quite a lot. This is my hair after a twist  out. I washed my hair, when I got out the shower I put in a moisturizer and  proceeded to twist my hair. I like the results but it doesn’t feel as moisturized as usual. Next time, before moisturizing I’ll have to put some coconut oil.

As you can probably see, the ends of my hair are a light brown. When I first did my big chop it was actually burgundy lol. I thought that because I dyed it, it would be brittle but it not,  I guess that’s because I make it a point to moisturize it and cover it when I sleep. There’s not much I can do with my hair, but the goal is to keep it healthy !!

I’ll keep updating you guys every couple of months to see the health of my hair ❤
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