Dear Future Me…

Dear future Adanna,

Okay so this is kinda weird because I don’t really now how to write a letter to my future self but I’ll give it a shot. Perhaps one day when I catch up to you, this will be something I can look back on. Hopefully I look back and realize I had nothing to worry about. Anyways here it goes…

How are you? How’s your life? Right now mine is okay, I guess. First year of college. Classes are easier than they were in high school, oddly. I’m taking it day by day and still trying to figure out what I want to do and where I want to be. I’m pretty sure I want to be a nurse, but sometimes classes like chemistry and Math for health sciences get the best of me. Do we make it? Are you a nurse? Hey, did you ever make it into the military? If you did, are you in the Navy or the Airforce? Does your job have anything to do with the medical field? I sure hope so! Right now I’m trying to choose between the Airforce and the Navy, and I’m leaning towards the Airforce. Last year my heart was with the Navy but after doing some research, I think the Airforce will be better, especially with the Hypothyroidism and all. By the way, how is that treating you. Will it get better? I’m still getting used to the fact that this is something I have to live with, but I’ve been feeling a lot better so I guess that’s good.

Future me, do you have a significant other???? Lol Are you married ? Kids? How old are you? I’m 19 and single like a dollar bill,girl, but I don’t mind. I like it this way. My best friends are always trying to introduce me to people but I always say I’m good. After last year, I think I’m better off just doing me. Speaking of best friends, how’s future Shayla and Jasmine? I’m pretty sure we’ll be just as close as we are now, if not more. How’s future mommy? Is she still teaching. Did we finally get out of New York as planned?  I have so many questions like, do I get my shit together,  how’s having to pay bills, do I have my own crib, and is it as scary as I think it will be? I really hope not. I hope that one day I actually look back on this and laugh and tell myself, “Adanna, what were you so scared of? Look at you now.”


November 30, 2015 x ❤
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