#SupportThePuff Has Gone Viral After a Student was Suspended for Wearing Her Natural Hair


support the puff

#Supportthepuff has gone viral on Instagram after this high school student from the Bahamas was suspended from school for wearing her hair in its natural state. The school principal actually told the news that the young lady was reprimanded because her hair looked “unkept.” This isabsolutely outrageous!

This is what her mom had to say:

“I have a question.. Why would a high school principal tell my daughter that she cannot wear her hair like this anymore because it does not look like a school girl hairstyle and it looks as if it’s not combed.. Wtf!!!

What could possibly be so wrong with this hairstyle?!


I guess they prefer that I either perm it or straighten it huh..

Ya weave it it’s a problem, it’s natural it’s a problem! It does not affect her brain!!”

I have to say, I completely agree with her mom. The way she chooses to wear her hair shouldn’t matter. Her hair won’t define how well she’ll do on her next exam or the grades that she’ll be bringing home. People need to stop telling young girls that their natural hair looks “unkept.”  The way our hair naturally grows out of our head makes us so unique. We have different curl patterns and different textures! We can rock our hair millions of different ways. It is very important that young girls get that message. It is important that their self esteem is built and not crushed. Your hair is BEAUTIFUL AND SO ARE YOU! I #SUPPORTTHEPUFF.


Adanna David

22 year old Wellness and Beauty Blogger from New York.

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