Natural Hair Journey

Top Tips to Care for and Grow Natural Hair

If you’ve recently decided to transition, go natural or just need tips on maintaining natural hair, keep reading, you’ve come to the right place!

  • Moisturize
    • DEEP CONDITIONER TREATMENTS- doing deep conditioner treatments are essential for adding back that moisture to your hair. I would suggest doing a treatment about every two weeks. After a while you will notice that your hair cantuwill a lot more moisturized and stronger too. I recommend using Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream. It can be used as a leave in condition and for deep conditioner treatments.
    • USE A HAIR LOTION OR OIL- Using a moisturizing hair lotion or a oil is great for locking in moisture, especially after washing your hair. Coconut oil works wonders, I tell people this all the time. Coconut oil will provide you with moisture, shine and it’ll leave you hair soft and manageable.
    • DON’T OVER WASH YOUR HAIR- Over-washing your hair can be very drying because you aren’t allowing your hair to produce it’s natural oils. If you are doing a wash n’ go, consider co-washing.
  • Keep Your Hands Out of Your Hair- As hard as it may be, keeping your hands out of your hair is an important factor. Along with moisturizing, low manipulation allows your hair to be as healthy as possible.

      • PROTECTIVE STYLING- Remember as a child how your parents would always keep your hair in twists or braids and your hair would grow and remain abundant? PROTECTIVE STYLING IS WHY!! Protective styles keep your hair tucked, which is important for retaining length.You can do different styles like goddess braids, box braids or even a sew-in!IMG_0785 IMG_8891 (1)                             Facebook-20151021-030229IMG_1404
        • I don’t think a lot of people are aware of the fact that leaving your hair out all the time can cause split ends. That can occur when your hair is always rubbing against you clothes. That’s why put so much emphasis on protective styling. Even wearing a bun is considered a protective style.
        • DON’T BE AFRAID TO TRIM YOUR ENDS (when needed)! LOL- So often I witness people hanging on to dead ends because they are afraid of having short hair. Truth is your hair looks better and healthier with your ends trimmed. Don’t hang on to split ends because you desire to have long hair. Little do you know, your hair will continue to split all the way up to your roots and you’ll have to start all over again. If you trim when needed and protect your ends your hair will be healthier and you will start to retain length.
        • SLEEP WITH A SILK SCARF OR BONNET-  I literally had to get myself used to sleeping with a silk scarf at night. Whenever I didn’t I would notice that my hair would be extremely dry. This is because we sleep on cotton pillow cases. Cotton sucks up all the moisture from your hair and leaves it dry. Also, all the friction from your hair rubbing on the pillow every night will lead to split ends. If sleeping with a scarf is not for you, I would suggest changing to a silk pillow case.
    • My last tip for you is, DON’T BE A PRODUCT JUNKIE. You will go shopping for hair products and many of them will promise you fast hair growth, but the truth is, if you are not taking care of your hair first and maintaining its health, you will not see the length you want. Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner, deep conditioner, and a moisturizer or an oil and follow the tips I provided. Don’t worry about the length  because if you take care of your hair, the length will come right along with it. Develop a routine using the tips I provided, it’ll be trial and error, frustrating at times, but be patient and consistent. In time, you’ll see the results you’ve been waiting for

I really hope this was a lot of help. Start your journey today and keep me posted by using the hashtag #sistertosistablogs on Instagram.


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