You Should Learn to Love Your Coils !! 

Growing up, I remember having this big mane. My hair was abundant and thick. My hair was natural until about the age of 7. 
you should learn to love your coils

you should learn to love your coils
someone must have gotten me upset! excuse the face lol!

For years and years I just continued to relax my hair because that was what I was used to. I’m sure many people can relate. My hair still remained thick but I know my hair used to suffer because I wasn’t taking care of it properly. I was barely doing my deep treatments, and I was always going to the salon to get a “wash and set” which consisted of a lot of HEAT. Soon enough, my hair started breaking off, I definitely had split ends and it was getting harder to retain my length. So, towards the end of my freshman year of High School I decided I was going to go natural. Ever since then it’s been trial and error, but I’ve finally gotten the hang of this natural hair thing. 

What gets me down is the fact that I had to learn how to love what grows out of my head. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to have relaxers, do what works best for you. I just feel like before we get comfortable with altering our hair we should learn to love our natural curls and coils. A lot of us rely on relaxers and weave because of fear of what grows out of our scalp. For some reason society has lead us to believe that nappy is not beautiful. Little do people know, all nappy means is tightly coiled or coiled hair in its natural state. People have taken something that is completely normal and made it into something negative. So often I hear people say that natural is not for everyone. That’s a confusing statement because, how can something that you were born with not be for you? You just need to learn it and love it. Realize that what you have is gorgeous. The extra stuff is nice too but it’s not forever. Natural hair is so versatile, you can wear it curly, or straight and experiment with so many styles. Before you say it’s not for you, just be patient. Play around with your hair, experiment, try out different styles. This is what I had to do in order to get completely comfortable. I’m now at a point where I love my hair and I’m fearless when it comes to it. Ask my friends how many times I’ve cut my hair and grown it back out! Even though my hair is natural, occasionally I get my protective styles ( check out 4 ways to style your boxbraids ) like box braids or wigs when I get bored and feel like doing something different. The point is love what you have first, when you do no one will be able to call you nappy head and have it mean something negative. Your confidence level will definitely be raised 1000x and from then on you’ll be fearless just like me! 



you should learn to love your coils

Adanna David

22 year old Wellness and Beauty Blogger from New York.

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