How to Manifest the Life You Want


Have you ever had a long streak of positive energy and found that everything seemed to work in your favor? Maybe you found money on the ground, or maybe you got a chance at a wonderful opportunity. I’m sure a little voice inside you told you that you were on a lucky streak. Or, have you ever woke up on the wrong side of bed and felt like your whole week was going down the drain? Little do you know, you were practicing the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is the idea that if you give out positive or negative energy you will receive the same in return.

How to apply the law of attraction to your life:

Meditate- It’s important to relax your mind in order to increase brain power

Know what it is you want and don’t doubt it– Stop the excuses. You can’t receive what it is you want if you are not prepared to receive it. You have to be enthusiastic about whatever it is you want. If you are doubtful, you will receive results you didn’t ask for.

Put out positive energy– be genuine with the world around you. Be loving towards others and radiate good vibes.

Love yourself– you can’t radiate good energy if you don’t feel good about yourself. You come first and you are important, so dedicate some time for you.

Request what you want– Have a detailed vision of what you want and be ready to receive it whole heartedly. Believe in your vision with everything in you. Create a vision or dream board. This will help as a daily reminder, so you can keep working towards what you want.

Receive – with time you will receive what it is you want !

the law of attraction


Everything will come full circle. So, believe that you deserve everything you want. It is important to know that nothing in this world happens by mistake and you should be open to all possibilities. They’re also no such things as setbacks. Everything that happens has a purpose behind it and with time you’ll come to learn what that purpose is. Shut out all negativity that tries to sneak in your thoughts and in your life. Positivity is definitely key.

Adanna David

22 year old Wellness and Beauty Blogger from New York.

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