Hair Porosity: How to Keep High and Low Porosity Hair Moisturized

How to treat low and high porosity hair

As I have explained to you in All About Hair Porosity, having high porosity hair means that moisture gets absorbed quickly but it is extremely hard for your hair to retain it. Low porosity hair means that your hair’s cuticles lay flat, so your hair resists moisture. I also taught you how to test your hair to see if it’s of either high porosity or low porosity. Assuming that you’ve done that already, the next step is to teach you how to treat your hair. The idea of treating high porosity hair or hair that is extremely dry may seem almost impossible, but it isn’t. There are a couple of things that you can do to help your hair retain the moisture it needs.

Treating High Porosity Hair

Before you can start treating your hair, the first thing you need to do is get rid of dead ends. Trim all split ends.

Using less heat on your hair is also very important. I have high porosity hair, so, my hair gets extremely dry as well. In one year, I’ve only used heat on my hair twice and I’ve noticed how much healthier this practice has made it. There are other ways to stretch natural hair without the use of heat.

The goal is to add moisture to your dry hair. Get rid of all shampoos that contain harsh drying sulfates. These are harmful to your hair; all they do is strip your hair of its moisture.

TREATMENTS! Treatments are extremely important to the health of your hair. Protein treatments are supposed to be essential for high porosity hair. You can buy the treatments at your local beauty supply store or create one right at home with ingredients that are right in your kitchen. When I was younger my mom would make a protein treatment using raw eggs, mayonnaise and olive oil. I couldn’t stand it because I hated the feeling of it dripping down my neck for 30 minutes (lol!), but it was great because it added the moisture I needed to my hair. Deep conditioner treatments are important too. I’ve stated this plenty of times. Get used to doing a deep treatment once every week or once every other week.

The L.O.C Method was always my savior! I can testify that this actually works! Use a leave-in conditioner, an oil (coconut oil works really well), and a cream to seal in the moisture.

Practice these steps and you will surely see results. Like all things, it requires some time so don’t expect changes overnight. With patience and consistency, you will see positive changes.

Treating Low Porosity Hair

If you have low porosity your objective is to get your hair to absorb moisture.

The number one thing you should do is deep condition your hair with HEAT. The hair shaft is closed, so heat is required for it to open up. After putting the deep conditioner on your hair, cover it with a cap and sit under a dryer. You can also use your own body heat but you may need to keep it on for more than 30 minutes.

Clarify your hair. Low porosity tends to have a lot of build up. Clarifying your hair with apple cider vinegar can fix this issue as well as add shine to your hair. If clarifying with ACV isn’t your cup of tea then feel free to clarify with a clarifying shampoo.

Adding heat and avoiding buildup will be your best friend!


Adanna David

22 year old Wellness and Beauty Blogger from New York.

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