Coachella Vibesss

chella 2

Oh, what I’d give to be in Palm Springs right now enjoying the bomb ass music festival we all know as Coachella! Yup, it’s that time of year again. If you’re there, that’s great. Please enjoy and have as much fun as you can for the both of us, while I’m stuck in Texas getting school work done lol. (laughing but so so serious)

Coachella is one of the biggest music & arts festival in the USA, and brings in hundreds of thousands of people from all over. From what I’ve seen on the lineup poster, I can tell that the performances are going to be amazing. Maybe not as amazing since Queen Bey will no longer be performing !

Coachella 2017

Anyway, even though I’ve never been, I love Coachella because of all the cute and out of the box – carefree outfits. Of course I had to go through my IG and Snapchat to keep up with some social media influencers and celebs and check out the Coachella  vibesss. Here we go!!

Aaliyah Jay

coachella 2017


Justine Skye

Coachella 2017


Bretman Rock

Coachella 2017

Jackie Aina

Coachella 2017

Jasmine Sanders

Coachella 2017

And there you have it! The festival is only beginning; so, be on the look out for your favorite influencers and celebs! Have you been to Coachella ? Do you plan on attending next year? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

coachella 20017


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