April Favorites: Beauty & Skincare

April Favorites

This month I have been trying out new beauty products and I came across a few that I really like and want to share with you!

  • NYX Butter Gloss- I am so in love with this product, so it has to be number one on my list of favorites. I usually have a hard time finding lip glosses that I like. They’re usually too pigmented, too sticky, not the right consistency for me or smells awful. NYX Butter Glosses are perfect. It’s not too thick or thin, its just right and isn’t sticky at all. It glides on perfectly. It leaves a little pigment, but is not overwhelming. I also really like it because it smells like chocolate (well, at least to me it does!). This is definitely a new staple. Get your hands on them asap!  nyx butter glosses

NYX Butter Gloss

  • Biore Charcoal Acne Cleanser- This acne cleanser is by far one of my favorites so far. It’s great for oil skin; it absorbs oil and clears breakouts. What I really like about it is that when I use it I can feel it working in my pores. To use it, I wet my face with hot water in order to open up my pores. Then, I massage the product into my face well and lit it sit for a few minutes. When I rinse it off, I use cold water. Cold water allows your pores to close.

Biore Cleanser

  • Cucumber Peel Off Mask- This peel off mask  is actually from the CVS brand, but it works well. I put it on after washing my face. It goes on as a gel then dries. Like the Biore Charcoal Cleanser, it is very cooling and I can feel it work into my pores as well as firm up my skin. Once it dries, I simply peel it off, and then rinse my face.

Cucumber Peel Off Mask


  • Charming Charlie Sunglasses- I was at the mall a couple of weeks ago with my aunt and we came across an accessory store called Charming Charlie. I immediately fell in love and that day I left with sunglasses. These sunglasses are my absolute favorite because I wear them everywhere I go since it is almost always a sunny day in Houston, TX. They’re really cute and they fit me well and go with almost anything.

april favorites

These are all of my beauty favorites this month and I look forward to sharing more with you in the future. Share your April favorites with me in the comments below!




Adanna David

22 year old Wellness and Beauty Blogger from New York.

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