Back to the 90’s – OOTD | Sister to Sista

For the past 2 years, my boyfriend has thrown a backyard summer bash that most people look forward to. Leading up to this years 3rd annual summer bash, he decided that it should be themed. Assuming you’ve clicked on the title leading you to this post, then, you know that the theme was “Back to the 90’s.” Of course we were all excited. Majority of us are 90’s babies, and grew up watching sitcoms and cartoons as well as listening to music from the 90’s. Our sense of style is also heavily influenced by this era, being that a lot of the trends have come back.

It took me some time trying to figure out what I wanted to wear, and it took me until the day before to finally put something together. It all worked out though and I was very proud of my outfit. Here’s a look!

I found this entire outfit at Forever 21 & my sneakers are Reebok!

I definitely love this over sized windbreaker paired with the ripped jeans. 90s street wear consisted of a lot of over sized clothing, so, this was perfect.

The jumbo braids completed my whole look !

I had to be a classic 90’s girl by incorporating a little Janet Jackson in my look by wearing the famous Poetic Justice jumbo braids. Thick aviator glasses and bamboo earrings were also very popular in the 90’s hip hop scene.


The best part of the night was watching everyone arrive and seeing all of the different outfit ideas. People are creative and everyone brought it WAY BACK. Overall the night was full of great vibes, from the music, food, drinks, and people. Maybe 80’s for another year. That would be a challenge!


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