Better in the Bahamas – OOTD

Hey there! A week ago I was in the Bahamas! I’m so happy I got to go because a vacation was definitely long overdue. Along with vacation comes vacation clothes, so here’s an outfit of the day!

I made the bold choice of not wearing a protective style, like box braids, for this trip. So, I kept my hair in two space buns like this a lot of the time.

Body suits are life. I got this body suit from Charlotte Russe. The palm leaves and fr lower design were perfect to match the tropical vibes of the island.

On this day in particular it was pouring, so I decided I’d wear jeans. I got my jeans from Ross. Their jeans are so comfortable and they fit nice and snug. Another great thing about them is that they stretch. I must say, a lot of the jeans they carry are like this. I’ve made it a habit to go to stores like Ross and Marshalls for jeans because I can find jeans of great quality and comfort as well as affordability.

Sandals – Nordstrom

Hand bag- Michael Kors

Earrings- Forever 21


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