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How many time’s have you found yourself unable to reach your full potential because of self-doubt? I find that this is something common, but I also realize how scary it can be because it is something I struggle with as well. A lot of times we don’t realize that doubting ourselves can lead to blocking our own blessings. Just imagine how much that must suck. Missing out on great opportunities because we don’t believe in ourselves enough, or we’re just scared. I feel like a person can only struggle with something for so long. We are supposed to be able to overcome our struggles, which is a sign of growth. Self doubt has been a struggle of mine for too long and it’s a habit that I am prepared to get rid of. I’ve realized that I’m scared of change. Scared of reaching out of my comfort zone. I’m really great at telling myself I can’t do certain things and really great at talking myself out of situations that can possibly be good for me . Imagine that. Imagine how many door’s I’ve probably shut on myself. The thought alone has been enough of an eye opener to make me want to discard the habit.

Acknowledging the issue is the first step towards growth. Next is changing your outlook. Today, I woke up, and I spoke to myself. I told myself that I can do anything I put my mind to, not to be so quick to turn things down, give new opportunities a chance, and it’s better to fail than to not try at all. I also affirmed that I would have a positive day and it was exactly that. Last, you have to put your goals into practice. Practice setting affirmations at the start of  your day, and convince yourself that you are capable of anything, because you are. I’m now at an age where I’m beginning to figure life out. I am getting the hang of being independent. I’m realizing that independence means you always have to be a go-getter. There is no such thing as self doubt. You try. If you fall, you get up, dust off and try again. I got this. You got this too. ❤

Adanna David

22 year old Wellness and Beauty Blogger from New York.

2 thoughts on “Chit Chat: Self Doubt | Sister to Sista

  1. This piece ought to be published, not because your mom is proud of you as always, but you are speaking truth that undoubtedly many others can relate to. You are well on your way daughter. God will guide the way!

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    1. It takes a lot of courage for not to be scare, typically we will be scared of the unknown.
      Being scared is aterrible feeling that can easily control you.


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