Story Time|Flight From Hell

As I write this, I’m somewhere in the sky.

It’s January 14, 2018, and it has been the craziest weekend. As we speak, I should really be in Texas already, in my bed resting! I was supposed to fly out yesterday and just my luck, my flight was delayed for 6 hours. Just imagine how I felt.

Here’s how my day went.

Yesterday, I woke up super early. My mom and I got on the train with all my bags and luggage and tell me why the ride to the airport was not as smooth as we had hoped. The ride there was so slow, we had to make transfers and all I could think about was catching this 2:30 flight. We got to the airport around 1pm and sadly we just had to encounter some rude employees, but I was able to check in my suitcase and head to security. As we got there, we noticed a huge line, and decided to pay for the express line so I could catch my flight. I said goodbye to my mom and got on line. Once I made it through security and to my designated gate, I began to receive email updates on my flight and what do you know, one hour passed, two hours passed, then three. We were told that maintenance was on the plane trying to fix an issue. Eventually, I was able to get on the plane. After hours of waiting, I was so excited to finally be on my way .. or so I thought. Once we were all settled and ready to go, the captain drove the plane down to the runway. Right as we were about to take off, the captain came on the speaker. The announcement was that there was now a mechanical issue. ugh! I was so over it, and too scared to fly anymore. They let us get off the plane, and I decided I would just reschedule my flight. I was able to schedule my flight (obviously) for the same time the next day. I got the help I needed and now it was time to go home and get some rest. That’s when it hit me. The coat I wore to the airport was now in my suitcase, the one I checked in! There would be no getting that until today. So I went home wearing  a t-shirt, hoodie, ripped boyfriend jeans and sneakers. The cold I felt last night is so indescribable. All I can say is it was so cold it hurt. Anyway, this all bring us to today. My flight was delayed again, only for about an hour, but here I am, in the sky extremely eager to reach my destination!

I love taking flights, I really do, but travelling can be all to stressful!!


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