How to Moisturize Your Dry Natural Hair

All summer, I haven’t been able to pay any attention to my hair the way I’ve needed to. So, I’m currently struggling with extremely dry hair. Along with this, the weather in New York is getting pretty chilly and you know us naturals have to keep our hair moisturized at all times. So, I’m going to show you how. Keep reading to see how I moisturize my hair.

What You’ll Need:

Spray Bottle w. Water

Leave-in Conditioner

Raw African Shea Butter

Wide Tooth Comb

Step 1:

Part Your hair

I find that parting my hair makes the process a lot faster and allows me to get it done properly.

I start off by parting my hair in four sections. I work on one section at a time and split those into smaller sections as I distribute the product.

Step 2:


Spritzing your hair with water is definitely an essential. Don’t soak it, but get your hair in a damp state. This is in preparation for detangling you hair. You should never detangle your hair when it’s dry

Step 3:


Now that your hair is damp, you have to detangle. Take a wide tooth comb and start combing your hair from the ends and work your way up to the roots. This is so that your hair doesn’t break and it also makes the process a lot easier and faster.

Step 4:


After detangling your hair, it’s time to moisturize. You may want to work with smaller sections for this. Take the Shea butter and leave in conditioner, mix the two in your hand, then distribute in your hair generously.

When you finish a section braid it or twist it and move on to the next section.

Your hair will look something like this once it’s all done. The combination of Shea Butter and leave in conditioner leaves my hair feeling extremely soft and leaves it looking very shiny and healthy. I definitely suggest trying this out and testing to see how this process works for you.

If you decide to leave the braids in overnight, remember to sleep with a satin scarf or satin pillow case! If you choose to leave them in for a few days, you can actually get a nice braid out too!

Let me know how you moisturize your hair during these chilly months, in the comments below!

Adanna David

22 year old Wellness and Beauty Blogger from New York.

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