Natural Hair Goals for 2019! | Adanna Daily

We’ve all been setting our lifestyle goals for 2019, but one thing I will not forget about is my hair. I’m honestly not happy with the state that my hair has been in. It’s been so dry and brittle. I also had A LOT of split ends that needed to be cut. So, my mom trimmed it for me and now my hair is back at it’s awkward stage. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to better care for my hair, prevent split ends as best as I can, and retain length.

Hair Goals

I’m going to get right into it. I have a few goals and expectations for my hair but the main mission is to get my hair back to good health.

  1. My first goal is to get back to deep conditioning my hair every two weeks. I used to do this religiously and since I haven’t been doing it, I see the difference in my hair.
  2. The next thing I want to do is assure that my hair stays moisturized! I can’t stress it enough, dry hair leads to breakage and split ends. So, that’s another thing I want to improve.
  3. I also have to get used to not waiting so long to trim these ends! It’s always recommended to do so when needed. So I’ll commit to it.

All of these things will contribute to the better health of my hair and that includes retaining some length. Length really isn’t everything but it would be nice to get my hair to a state where I don’t have to cute a lot off when it’s time to trim my hair.

Some other goals include:

  1. Trying out new hair product companies. So many new companies catered to products for natural hair have been on the rise and I would like to give them a chance. There are so many companies that I’ve been hearing great things about , so as I try them you can also expect reviews!
  2. This is a MAYBE lol but I think I want to experiment more with protective styles. MAYBE I’ll see as I go. This includes braids, and wigs.
  3. Lastly I really would like to experiment with more hairstyles. Pinterest is my go to so I’ll looking out for ideas!

Adanna David

22 year old Wellness and Beauty Blogger from New York.

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